West Point

The Monastery in Colorado

Following graduation from West Point and military service, I spent several years as a Trappist monk practicing meditation under Christian and Buddhist teachers.

After several years in the monastery, I worked in Japan as a consultant and started two companies. I later returned to the US, received a master’s degree from Boston College and pursued doctoral studies at Harvard.

Following grad school, I spent over 25 years as an executive in several US and International tech companies.

I started MonkCoach to help professionals live holistic lives while creating profitable value-centered enterprises.

Focus Areas

Mindfulness & Meditation

Meditation was once confined to monasteries

Meditation is now a part of the business world

So many thoughts, so many identities.

Seeing yourself and the world as it simply is, opens the door to creative relationships.

Coaching Plans

Mindfulness work can be integrated into your coaching sessions


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